Our origins come from the decade of the 30s of the past century when our great-grandfather, Miguel, referred to as ‘’n-rebel’’, at the age of ten years, started as an apprentice in a workshop of tanning leather and fittings factory or harnessing for draft animals, in the small village in the interiors of Mallorca.

With the time this workshop became his own property and his products became very much in demand throughout the island. At the age of 23 he got married to Margarita, who belonged to the same village, who knew how to read and write and to realize house chores, sewing and embroidery which were quite common in that era.

Miguel ‘’n’rebel’’, at the fall of the demand of harnessing, due to the implantation of tractors and motor vehicles in the labor of fields, started specializing in the manufacturing of saddles and work boots. Along with his elder son, our grandfather, opened a small shop of groceries which used to be managed by Margarita, who at that time had become a very famous tailor.

After some years, our grandfather, started commercializing with the neighbor villages with fabrics and buttons, being the first person who started trading in Mallorca with something so ordinary for us like zips and clips. This business passed to our father, who by taking advantage of the touristic boom in the 60s, opened various shops in the different points of the coast of Mallorca, dedicating in ready-to-wear clothes and beachwear.

After taking control of the business, we continue to expand our stores, creating a chain of multi-branded shops and continuing the family tradition of not sitting still, we launch ourselves in the sale of our products in Internet, taking the nickname of our great-grandfather as the name for our website, ‘’rebel’’, so that along with you, we can make the legacy of Miguel ‘n’rebel’ reach our great-grandsons.